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Welcome to Me Time - The Complete Home Service 

EV Charger Installations in Tonbridge

Me Time are Trusted, Fully Qualified Installers for Electric Vehicle Charge Points in Tonbridge.  If you have an electric car or electric van and are looking for a reliable local Electrician to carry out your EV Charger Installation in Tonbridge and surrounding areas, we'll be happy to help.

Why Choose Me Time in Tonbridge for your EV Charging Point Installation?

  • No Virtual Surveys - We'll carry out a Site Survey in Person 

  • One Point of Contact Throughout - No Hold Music, No Miscommunications 

  • We'll Obtain UK Power Networks Approval on your Behalf

  • We are Competitively Priced 

  • We fit only Top Quality Branded EV Consumer Units and Cables

  • We always include and fit Load Management Equipment to Protect Your Home's Electrical Installation

  • We always fit Type 2 Surge Protection as part of our Installations to protect your new EV Charger 

  • We Guarantee our Workmanship

  • We'll undertake Challenging Installations Wherever Possible

Independent EV Home Charger Installers in Tonbridge

Me Time in Tonbridge are independent Electric Car Charger Installers, so we can install a variety of Home Charger products according to your needs.  We are currently trained and accredited to install Pod Point, Zappi, BG Sync EV and Ohme.  That said, we're prepared and qualified to install any product that you'd like - the EV Charger market is fast moving and new products launch all the time so we're prepared to undertake any new manufacturer accreditation as the need arises.


We promise as a local independent Electrician that your Electric Vehicle Charger Installation will be be carried out with care, with a firm focus on safety, practicality and aesthetics.   

Pod Point Approved Installers in Tonbridge

Pod Point Installer in Tonbridge
Pod Point Logo.jpg

Pod Point Solo 3 Untethered

Fully Installed Price Starting From £1050 

Me Time are Trained and Accredited Pod Point Installers in Tonbridge.  Pod point offers car chargers with a comprehensive warranty and engineer support as one of the largest Electric Vehicle Charge Point networks in the country.  Pod Points can be managed via an app to monitor your energy usage, or as a plug-and-play unit - the choice is yours.  This is an excellent choice for those wanting a simple to operate unit with no display or Solar integration.  Contact Us Now for a survey and quote. 

BG Sync EV Installers in Tonbridge

BG Sync EV Installer in Tonbridge

BG Sync EV EVCP 7.4kW 

Fully Installed Price Starting From £1050

Me Time are also Trained and Accredited BG Sync EV Installers in Tonbridge.  BG Sync EV offer a range of compact units which are aesthetically pleasing as well as great quality, such as the Sync EV EVT range and the Sync EV EVCP (compact) range.  The compact range boasts some of the smallest units on the market in black or white, where a low-key installation is desired.  Contact Us Now to arrange a survey and quote.        

Myenergi Zappi Installers in Tonbridge

Zappi installer in Tonbridge

Myenergi Zappi 7kW Tethered

Fully Installed Price Starting From £1300

Me Time are also Trained and Accredited Myenergi Zappi Installers in Tonbridge.  Myenergi Zappi is one of the most future-proof EV Chargers on the market currently, able to integrate with your Solar PV system as part of a home renewable energy system via the Myenergi Eddi.  This enables excess solar energy to divert straight to your charge point or hot water tank during the day.  Myenergi's user-friendly app enables you to schedule charge times for off-peak, view energy usage and instigate on-peak boost charges where required.  Contact Us Now to arrange a survey and quote.  

NAPIT Registered and Fully Qualified Electric Vehicle Charger Installations in Tonbridge

Registered Electrician Napit

As NAPIT registered electricians our installations are all carried out in line with Building Regulations, with relevant certification supplied on completion for your records.  We are registered and approved by the manufacturers of the units we install, allowing us to activate the warranty on your behalf.  

Moving and Re-locating Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Me Time in Tonbridge offer an EV Charger Relocation Service.  If you're moving home and prefer to take your unit with you, or if you're planning building work, we can attend your property to safely disconnect the unit. We'll then arrange to re-locate the unit at your convenience, making the necessary application to UK Power Networks if required.  Please get in touch to organise a quotation.  

Do I need to apply to my Energy Provider before installing my EV Charge Point?

In some cases an application has to be made before installation.  After our pre-survey and your quotation has been approved, we'll apply to UK Power Networks on your behalf to gain approval to install.  We'll take care of the whole process - we take the images, fill in the forms and do all the leg-work on your behalf.   

EV Electric Vehicle Charge Point Safety Checks and Fault Diagnosis

EV Charge Point Safety Testing in Tonbridge

For clients who already have a car charge point, we also offer routine regular safety checks and electrical testing.  Due to the harsh environments that charge points endure, it is essential to regularly test the protective devices to ensure they will operate should a fault occur.  


Please do get in touch if you'd like us to come and meet you to discuss your requirements, we're passionate about all things EV and look forward to hearing from you.  

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