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Me Time Tonbridge Electricians - Plug Socket Installation & Repairs

Plug Socket Testing in Tonbridge

As our homes fill with more and more electrical appliances, it's often found that we don't have enough plug socket outlets to safely power everything.  Older properties often have only one or two plug sockets per room, which means the use of multiple extension leads.  This often leads to overloading and consequent failure of plug socket outlets and sometimes the worst case scenario of electrical fires. 


If you are looking for a local competent electrician to safely add more plug sockets to your home, then we will be happy to help.  We carry out through testing of your existing circuit to make sure it is configured correctly and can support the new additional load.  If your plug sockets are powered by a 32 Amp Ring Main (also known as a 'Ring Final Circuit') in your property, these tests are essential prior to adding more outlets.  Without knowledge and expensive equipment, the necessary testing is not possible, which is why it is important to use registered electricians for this.

After the installation is complete, we'll carry out the required testing, which includes an Earth Fault Loop Impedance test (also known as a Zs test), which ensures the circuit has a sufficiently low resistance to trip the RCD, MCB or Fuse in the event of a fault.  We'll then issue certification bearing our brand for you to keep on file to prove to your insurers that the work has been completed in accordance with BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

Please contact Me Time Electrician Service in Tonbridge to arrange a free feasibility survey and estimate, we'll be happy to arrange a visit.  

Me Time in Tonbridge - Plug Socket Installation Services

  • Additional socket installation

  • USB socket installation

  • WIFI Repeater Socket installation

  • Moving or Relocating plug sockets

  • Installing outdoor garden sockets

  • Hot tub socket installation

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Plug sockets not working

  • Plug sockets or spurs overheating

  • Electrical burning smells

  • RCD or RCBO tripping 

  • MCB or Fuses Tripping

  • Garage Shed plug socket installation

  • Electrical Safety Checks and Testing

R1 + R2 CPC Continuity Testing Me-Time in Tonbridge

Frequently Asked Questions - Plug Socket Outlets

Will you need to remove floorboards to install new plug sockets?

We'll need access to floor voids to install cables, but if you have had hard flooring installed and we can't remove it, we can access via cutting access holes in ceilings or surface mounting cabling in trunking if the aesthetics are not an issue.  We are also able to install Skirting Trunking systems which look great and solve the issue.  

Can I fit a new plug socket off an existing socket?

In some cases we can spur off of an existing circuit to provide power, for example to an outdoor socket, outdoor security camera or perhaps power to a garden shed.  There are important tests and checks to be made beforehand to ensure that the MCB, Fuse or RCBO is of the correct rating to support any circuit alterations, as in some cases you cannot simply add a spur to an existing spur.  We also need to test the Insulation Resistance of the cabling to make sure that the PVC Insulation isn't degrading.   The job of adding a socket seems simple, but using a qualified local electrical services provider is essential to ensure it is done properly and safely. 

I have chipboard floors, how can you remove them to fit electrical wiring?

Chipboard floors are becoming more common in new properties and cause problems when carrying out electrical and plumbing work.  If planks are removed using old methods of the circular saw or a multitool, then strength is lost in the board causing creaking and flexing when refitted.  Me Time in Tonbridge have invested in costly equipment to remove stepped access panels in chipboard floors which allow us to carry out the work and then reinstate the access panel afterwards with no risk of creaking.  Our system also allows the access panel to be removable in future whenever required.      

Are new plug socket installations notifiable under Part P of Building Regulations?

In some cases, adding new sockets to an existing circuit is not notifiable.  Either way it is good practice for companies or individuals providing Electrical Services and Installations to issue relevant Certification on completion of works to prove that their installation meets the recommendations set out in BS7671 and the requirements of The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989).  The inability of a company or individual to provide this documentation indicates lack of competence and advice should be sought from a qualified electrician or a Governing Body such as NAPIT or the NICEIC.       

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