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Frequently Asked Handyman Questions

Handyman hire covers all kinds of work, typically smaller odd jobs such as finishing work, picture hanging, minor repairs, blinds and snagging work following a major project.     

Because we run as a full time professional trades business, we go to great lengths to stock what we need so you don't have to.  It works out significantly cheaper to the client for us to supply fixings and consumable items because you won't end up buying a whole pack or tin or paint you didn't need.  We don't make huge markups on materials so you can just let us know what needs doing and we'll do the rest.   

Can a handyman hire include electrical work?

For minor electrical work falling under the scope of maintenance, such as like-for like socket replacements, light replacements etc we can do this as part of a Handyman booking.  Anything involving new installations or alteration of circuits we offer fixed quotes in these cases.     

No.  We are often asked to do this because another tradesperson has carried out work and left it with the client to get it 'signed off' at the end.  It is not possible to retrospectively 'sign off' work.  If you have been left in this situation it is best to contact Local Authority Building Control at the Local Council to ask for advice.  

Maybe.   If we are involved in the project from the design stage and we are hired to work alongside you throughout the project then we are happy to allow you to carry out first fix work under strict guidance.  This is on the basis that we are hired to carry out all second fix, inspection and testing and commissioning work on an hourly charge basis.  We will not sign off any other tradesperson's work or entertain getting involved 'after the event'. 

We cover most work but some require specialist insurance, equipment, knowledge and experience.  We've listed some examples of work we don't cover below - 


- Guttering

- Any external work above ground floor

- External decoration work

- Gardening and Landscaping

- Excavation work such as ducting

- Plumbing, Heating and any Gas work

- Carpet and Vinyl installation

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