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Lighting and LED Installations

Chandelier Fitting Tonbridge

Me Time – The Complete Home Service offers a variety of Lighting services, from replacing pendant fittings to mounting a chandelier.  


With soaring energy prices the time has never been better to remove old halogen light fittings.  In the case of downlights, the energy usage can be up to 9 times less than the previous 50 watt GU10 bulbs, or 6 times less than 35 watt 12 MR16 Bulbs.   

Not only will upgrading to LED save you significant money on electricity, it will also take a huge strain off your lighting circuits.  A lighting circuit with several halogen downlights will run much hotter, with the associated risk of melted fittings and insulation. 


Me Time in Tonbridge install only top quality fire-rated 240 Volt GU10 Downlights.  This ensures the fire rating of your ceilings is kept intact, and that the only maintenance you'll have in future is replacement LED bulbs.     

From new Island Lighting through to Wireless switching for your driveway lights, contact Me Time - The Complete Home Service and we'll do the rest.   

Me Time in Tonbridge - Lighting and LED Services

  • Decorative light fittings installation

  • Chandelier installation

  • LED Downlights installation

  • Halogen transformer and fitting removal

  • Light switch replacement

  • Quinetic Wireless Switching installation

  • LED Flickering fault diagnosis

  • Table Lamp Rewiring

  • Wall Light Rewiring

  • Moving or relocating light fittings

  • Garden Lighting

  • Shed and Garage Lighting

  • Halogen to LED lighting upgrades

Ostrich Feather Lamp - Me Time in Tonbridge

Frequently Asked Questions - Lighting Installation

Can I convert my 12 Volt Downlights to 240 Volt?

If the current lights are of good quality and condition, and meet the required fire regulations, then yes!  We can remove the transformers, test the cabling to ensure an earth is present, and convert the lamp holder.  Most 12 Volt lamps we find have had the earth disconnected at the other end when they were fitted, leaving the cable unprotected.  It is essential the correct tests are done before allowing the conversion to take place.  

Should I fit fixed LED Downlights?

Unless exceptional circumstances, we don't recommend fixed LED Downlights.  They are often more expensive than 240 Volt units and you need to change the whole unit every time.  In our experience the LED unit last far shorter than the projected life from the manufacturer and we don't believe they represent good value.  

Can I fit an Additional Light Switch to an existing light?

Yes, absolutely.  In most cases we now recommend the fitment of wireless switching.  This allows up to 10 switches to be paired to one receiver, with no wall chasing required.  Several fault diagnosis jobs have led us to fit this system where normally we would have needed to channel the walls out to fit new cabling.  Please contact us for info the many wireless switching options we can design for you, from extractors fans to garden lighting to bedside switching.  

My LED Lights flicker even though the switch is new?

LED's and Dimmer switches cause a lot of issues.  We are experienced in tracing faults with LED's and can install the correct components to get your new lighting working as it should.  

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