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Painters and Decorators in Tonbridge, Kent 

If you are looking for a local Tonbridge Painter and Decorator who will take care of your home and do a great job with no mess - look no further! 


We are passionate about interior design and understand that everything needs to be right - no uneven lines, no paint spills or splashes and no bumpy filler work!  We'll work with you to understand the finish you expect and then do all we can to deliver your vision.


We work in a range of homes and commercial environments, but most commonly prestige homes.  We understand the finish level and care required to do your home justice, without the worry of damage or spills during the work.   


In addition to working in modern prestige homes, we are passionate about nurturing historic and listed properties.  We have worked in numerous buildings ranging from Tudor to Edwardian and are experienced in the best products to use for finishing historic materials such as lime plaster. 


We understand that historic properties need special care and a sympathetic hand to ensure the original architectural features are left original wherever possible.  During decoration projects we are frequently asked to carry out skirting and architrave repairs as well as electrical alterations such as chandelier replacements on completion of a project.   


We believe that our attention to detail, care, continuity and passion will achieve the very best results for your project.  

Please contact us to arrange a home visit and fixed quotation.  

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